Introducing the HERO Chroma Massage System

For those accustomed to often carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, the HERO Chroma provides the perfect scale-leveling respite to restore balance and tranquility. Putting you in a recumbent, zero-gravity position, it works to subtract strain and tension while adding to your quality of life by preventing, alleviating, and treating problems created by the stress and demands of your life.

The key to providing the ultimate massage is the chair’s 3-D “massage robot” and integrated body scanner sensors, which individually adjust to the shape of your spine. This customized, unsurpassed approach to total relaxation allows each user to have the perfect full-body massage, relieving tension from head to toe.

Cocooning you in comfort and luxury, the chair’s integrated Bluetooth sound system with subwoofer lulls you with your favorite music – the chair can even be set to sync with your selections, uniquely pulsating and responding to the beat.  For 15-30 minutes, the HERO Chroma envelops your body, providing an escape from any pressures, and completely handling your relaxation, recovery, and revitalization.

HERO Chroma offers six fully-automated programs allowing you to choose your desired results: Healthcare, Vital, Relax, Stretch, Sport, and Music Sync.

The optimal relaxation solution for accomplished, hard-working executives, professionals, and top athletes, the HERO Chroma beautifully meets the physical demands of those known to frequently push the limits, resulting in experiencing reduced energy and decreased performance.

The chair’s stunning, modern, clean design and available color combinations allows it to fit seamlessly into any personal or professional environment. Whether it’s placed in a living room, sports center, spa, or doctor’s office, HERO Chroma will be right at home in delivering an unrivaled massage experience.

MSRP: $9,999.95