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Service & Warranty

Your HERO Chroma Wellness System has been manufactured with great care, and it’s thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. However, sometimes you may experience trouble operating the wellness system. That’s why our HERO Wellness System’s massage chairs include a 1-YEAR in-home service warranty and a 2-YEAR parts warranty.


If you have a service issue, please contact the Warranty and Repair Department at HERO Wellness Systems at

Please include the unit’s serial number and dated proof of purchase (sales receipt) when contacting our service department. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty repairs or service.  

A customer service representative will be able to answer most questions. However, in some cases, a technical service specialist can provide additional support.

Non-warranty repair is provided on a “per incident” basis. All applicable repairs, parts, shipping, handling, local tax and a “per incident” fee will be charged for non-warranty repairs and support calls.


Need an extended warranty? We offer convenient extended warranty programs that provide a 3-year limited repair and replacement massage chair warranty with on-site service. Please visit the Extended Warranty page for the latest terms and pricing for extended warranties.

Your unit may need some minor repairs that you can perform yourself, such as remote-control replacement. If this is the case, we’ll notify you, and HERO Wellness Systems will supply the parts and further instructions.

Here’s what else you need to know about our warranty:

  • Warranty Coverage Period: Warranty coverage begins the minute you purchase your chair.
  • On-Site Repair: Our Warranty and Repair team will diagnose your problem, and we’ll schedule an authorized service provider to repair the chair in your home if it’s necessary.
  • Parts: If it’s something you can fix, we’ll ship any parts necessary for repairs to you for free!


  • Warranties are only valid in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada and are contingent upon the consumer operating the chair according to the corresponding instruction manual.
  • The warranty only applies to HERO Wellness System products. We’re sorry, but the warranty doesn’t apply to any accessories or enhancements.
  • On-Site Repair requires pre-approval and must be performed by HERO Wellness System’s authorized service provider. On-site repair service is only available in the contiguous United States.