By now, you’ve come back from your summer vacation, shared the vacation pictures, told the stories, and are back to the day-to-day routine. Unfortunately, if you’re like so many others, your routine includes commuting to and from work, sitting at a desk most of the day, staring at a computer screen, and running from one meeting to the next. This routine often leads to lower back pain and discomfort, which then causes your mood to decline.

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep that vacation feeling all year long? To bring it back whenever you are feeling most stressed? To have a relaxed body every day without the aches and pains we get from our everyday life?

happy and carefree on the beach

How to Combat Lower Back Pain

In the United States, lower back pain is the second most common reason for doctor’s visits. At some point, 80% of us will suffer from lower back pain. The bad news is that the cost of treating lower back pain is high, not only because of medical expenses but also lost time and productivity. A study by the Virginia-Mason Hospital in Seattle revealed that physical therapy can lower the cost of treating lower back pain by up to $1,000.

The first solution to lower back pain is not surgery; it is preventative care. The key is to take care of the body before extensive physical therapy or even surgery is needed. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Get up from your desk and stretch during the day.
  • After long rides in the car, be sure to stretch out our back.
  • Keep good posture when sitting and standing.
  • Stay hydrated all day long.
  • Pick up Yoga.
  • The best preventative care is regular massage.


Bring The Vacation Feeling Home

After a vacation, you feel great because you allowed your body to relax and stretch. Perhaps you have felt that neck pain you always complain about wasn’t there during your vacation time. Or the hip pain from constantly having to hit the break peddle during rush hour traffic was no longer there. Why wait for vacation to be pain-free if you can have the solution in your home?

Imagine after a long day you sit back and relax in your HERO Chroma Wellness System! You have kicked off your shoes, reclined into the zero-gravity position, and within only 15 minutes, you receive a full body massage with stretching, kneading, scraping, rubbing, and foot reflexology functions. With your eyes closed and surrounded by your favorite music in your very own space, you can bring back that vacation feeling in no time.

Not only will you experience relaxation, but also be able to lower the costs of treating your pain. For your health and wellness, the HERO Chroma is designed to address the common pain issues we experience from our daily activities. The body scanner measures your body to place the massage rollers in the right position on your spine. The preset programs are designed with body and spine alignment in mind and the stretch function gently gives your joints and muscle the well-deserved tension release.