Frequently Asked Questions

How is the HERO Chroma delivered? Do I have to pick it up myself?

Every HERO Chroma wellness system is hand-delivered to its destination with white-glove service. It is brought into your home or office and set up to full functionality. Our staff will even train you on how to use the chair so you’re immediately ready to take full advantage of your wellness system as soon as it arrives. The delivery schedule is based on your personal convenience and availability and is arranged with each client one-on-one.

What is the size of the HERO Chroma? How much space do I need?

HERO Chroma takes about the same amount of space as a recliner or desk. The width is 33 inches. In the off position, HERO Chroma is 55 inches long and 47 inches high. When in zero gravity mode, HERO Chroma measures 69 inches long and 37 inches high.

How often can I use it?

We recommend using the HERO Chroma at least 2 to 3 times per week for 15-30 minutes each session. It is best not to exceed 30 minutes in a single session, and no single area of the body should be targeted for more than 5 minutes.


How do I get the user’s manual for my wellness system?

The HERO Chroma user’s manual can be downloaded on the Service page of our website.

How long with my HERO Chroma last?

With regular wear and tear, you can expect to get at least 8,000 hours of incredible massages out of your HERO Chroma. 


What is the warranty available?

Every HERO Chroma Wellness System is manufactured with great care and is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. However, sometimes you may experience trouble operating your wellness system. So every HERO Wellness System massage chair includes a one-year in-home service warranty and a two-year parts warranty.

If you have a service or warranty issue, please refer to our Service page.


Can I return the HERO Choma?

You may cancel your purchase for a full refund within three (3) business days of purchase. The third business day after purchase will end at midnight Eastern Time.  Products that were accepted at delivery are final sales and cannot be returned to HERO Wellness Systems Inc. Any product damaged upon delivery must be reported immediately at the time of delivery.


How do I clean my HERO Chroma?

When used properly, little to no maintenance is necessary for the electrical components of the HERO Chroma. However, to keep the outside of the unit clean, you may wipe the surface down after every use with a damp sponge. (Before cleaning, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet to avoid short circuits or electrical shock.) Commercial synthetic leather products may also be used. Refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents or chemicals such as thinners, alcohols, etc. Do not use a hairdryer or other heating medium to dry the surface.


Does it have Bluetooth?

Yes, the HERO Chroma is Bluetooth enabled and includes surround sound speakers within the chair so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage while listening to your favorite meditations, music or whatever else you like from your Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, etc.)


How is the HERO Chroma different from other chairs on the market?

The HERO Chroma wellness system is similar to other massage chairs on the market, but we find it to be superior both in it’s exterior or interior design features. We offer a sleek, modern design and the highest quality interior components to provides years of massage therapy. HERO Chroma brings a wellness experience to the market unlike any other and for which there is a tremendous need due to today’s stressful and active environment. The HERO Chroma is intended for daily use as a wellness tool that can be used to improve your quality of sleep, lower stress, reduce pain and increase your overall quality of life. Whether you’d like to sync up the chair and enjoy a massage controlled by your favorite songs with the piano or bass tones massaging your spine, or would like to enjoy a localized massage on your back, hands or feet, HERO Chroma is ready to provide you with the best massage experience possible with just a few touches of the buttons.

Do you need to plug it in?

Yes, the HERO Chroma is an electronic massage system and requires electricity to operate. Access to a properly functioning electrical outlet is necessary.

I’m interested in selling the HERO Chroma to my clients/customers from my business location. How can I get started?

HERO Wellness Systems Inc. currently offers a Dropship Partner Program for businesses and individuals who would be able to make a direct sale to clients. Dropship Partners are able to receive the largest percentage of commission for sales and complete the purchase with the client on their end before sending the finished delivery details on to us. 

If you’d prefer to refer people to a website, please review our Ambassador Program instead. 

I would like to be an affiliate and sell HERO products on my website. Where do I find more information?

The HERO Ambassador Program is ideal for bloggers, massage website owners, and businesses or individuals who may  refer a sale via word of mouth to the HERO Chroma website. For every sale completed, Ambassadors earn 10% commission on the price paid at checkout. That’s up to $999 per sale!  

I saw the HERO Chroma at an event or would like to share my images with you. Can I sign your photography and publicity release?

Thanks! Please go to the online version of our Photography and Publicity Release to complete the form.