The hot summer months are the best time for vacations and fun in the sun. Being outside, grilling, swimming in a lake or pool, spending the day at the beach, and sporting flip-flops and sunglasses all day long…that is the epitome of Summer.

Summer also means high temperatures, with the sun glaring on you and making you sweat. As you are feeling the heat, your clothes soaked in sweat is not the only impact your body experiences. After a day in the heat, you may feel swelling and discomfort in the body due to accumulation of fluids. Thanks to the nervous system a healthy body temperature is maintaining through sweating and blood flow. But when temperatures are too high,  the body no longer can get rid of all the extra heat. Cramps and swelling of legs and arms often happen when this is the case.

What can you do?

During extremely hot weather, it is important to drink enough fluids, protect your skin, and to stay inside or in shaded cool areas as often to avoid heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Another great solution is a massage at the end of the day. Massage stimulates the blood flow in the body, helps reduce swelling, and can activate the drainage of lymph fluids. With an increased comfort level and increased mobility, the summer is a lot more fun.

Get A Daily Massage

What’s the best way to make sure you have time for a daily massage? A growing trend is to have a home wellness system like the HERO Chroma. With airbags along the back, arms, and legs, you can receive a full body massage that will improve your well-being in only 5 minutes. Or treat yourself to a longer experience of up to 30 minutes.

Airbag massage puts pressure on arms and legs stimulating the blood flow and helping to pump blood back up to the heart. This allows the body to transfer excesses heat and reduce swelling in the body besides the hot temperatures. For an extra level of relaxation, sync your favorite device with Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music or meditation scripts.

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